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Thanh Ong, the owner and Senior Physiotherapist at Bridgwater Physiotherapy
Thanh Ong


Meet Thanh Ong, the owner and Senior Physiotherapist at Bridgwater Physiotherapy.

Thanh opened the clinic in Winnipeg’s Bridgwater neighborhood back in 2014. He moved the clinic to its current location on 70-1580 Taylor Avenue in River Heights in 2017.

Thanh graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2001 with a degree in Bachelors of Medical Rehabilitation of Physiotherapy.

Since that time he has worked in several hospitals providing inpatient and outpatient care. He worked at the Victoria General Hospital providing post-operative care and helped clients return home safely. Additionally, he provided rehabilitation to total hip replacement patients and instructed total knee replacement classes at the hospital.

Most of his career has been spent working in private practice in South Winnipeg.

Thanh has spent over 9 years employed by the Pan Am Clinic. In 2013 – 2014 he worked closely with the Orthopaedic Surgeons and Pain Clinic Physicians at the Pan Am Clinic.

During this time, Thanh gained invaluable experience treating ACL patients, post-operative shoulder patients and sports injuries.

With a passion for health and fitness, Thanh has helped countless weekend warriors and high performance athletes achieve their maximal functional capacity when returning to sport.

In addition, he has provided guidance and successful rehabilitation to people who were injured at work, in a motor vehicle accident or injured in every day activities of daily living.

If you have any questions please feel free to give him a call, he would love to help you out.

Megan Pascua, the Acupuncture therapist in at Bridgwater Physiotherapy.
Megan Pascua


Megan graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Bachelor of Kinesiology program in 2019 and continued her education in Master of Physical Therapy, graduating in 2021. Megan has also taken a few post graduate courses. She has obtained her Acupuncture certification through Acupuncture Canada and Level 1 Soft Tissue Release certification.

Megan approaches Physiotherapy by getting to know her patients as a whole and by ensuring her patients’ treatment plans are tailored through their specific goals and needs. She emphasizes manual therapy and exercise and values the role of patient education in rehabilitation. Her goal is to guide you back to doing what you love most.

She plans to further her education in Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Therapy. In Megan’s free time, she enjoys reading, running, going to the gym, and spending time with her family and friends.

Braden Dyck, the physical therapy therapist in at Bridgwater Physiotherapy.
Braden Dyck


Braden graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Bachelor of Kinesiology program in 2021 and is part of the Master of Physical Therapy graduating class of 2023. Various sport injuries growing up led to physical therapy visits and developed his passion for the profession.

Braden’s philosophy for treating clients is one that is patient-centred. When interacting with patients, Braden ensures that they are able to take an active role in their care. That is, empowering clients to take part in their treatment program. Braden takes time in educating his patients regarding their condition and how to self-manage it on their own. He implements therapeutic exercises and manual therapy to help them reach their goals.

Braden hopes to further his education in the future by obtaining his orthopaedic levels and acupuncture certification.

In his free time, Braden enjoys working out and practicing jiu-jitsu, playing the drums, and spending time with his family.


January Learmond specialization in chronic pain management
January Learmond

Massage Therapist

January Learmond graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2015. She originally went to college for business administration and after 10 years in administrative roles in medical and business offices she decided to pursue her dream of owning her own business as a health care provider. January completed 2500 hours of practical application of massage including MET’s, bone mobilization, fascial integration, hydrotherapy, and exercise re-rehabilitation. She was trained in an osteopathic approach to looking at the whole body instead of chasing pain and symptoms. This helps her provide clients with an efficient and effective way of assessing and treating dysfunction(s). It is January’s pleasure to work together with each client in order to achieve their highest standard of health and well being.

She has devoted half of her practice to chronic pain management, since her husband has Lyme Disease. She is also focusing her training in Reiki, which in turn benefits her chronic pain clients immensely.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, biking, reading/writing, yoga, photography, gardening, cooking and being outdoors.

Caleb Bergen
Caleb Bergen

Massage Therapist

Caleb is a skilled massage therapist who graduated in 2023 from Evolve College of Massage Therapy here in Winnipeg , Manitoba. He has a passion for promoting self-care and overall well-being.
He will kindly conduct a subjective history, asking the appropriate questions in order to help create a more personalized massage experience that will address your needs.

He specializes in Myofacial release, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Cupping. 
He has an intuitive touch and extensive understanding of anatomy, allowing  him to provide treatment that will decrease your muscle tension and stress, ultimately aiding in your recovering journey.
Caleb’s innate sense of compassion and eagerness in helping  others are traits that inspired him to become a massage therapist.
In his spare time, Caleb enjoys spending time outdoors camping and cooking.

Cora Tsang specializes in rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries using a variety of techniques
Cora Tsang

Athletic Therapist

Cora graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2019 with a Bachelor of Kinesiology, majoring in Athletic Therapy. She specializes in rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries using a variety of techniques, including pain management, postural analysis, functional exercise, soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic modalities, and more. Cora has experience working with professional athletes as well as the general population. She has also taken certifications in myofascial cupping, soft tissue release, and neuro-proprioceptive taping. In her spare time, she continues to stay active by playing badminton, working out, and enjoying the outdoors.

Tara Arbez, the Certified Athletic Therapist at Bridgwater Physiotherapy
Tara Arbez

Athletic Therapist

Tara Arbez graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor degree from the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation Studies honoring in Athletic Therapy. In 1999, she became a Certified Athletic Therapist. Tara has worked as an Athletic Therapist at the University of Winnipeg Athletic Therapy Clinic and as a lab instructor at the University of Manitoba Athletic Therapy Program. From there she went on to manage and work in the Rehabilitation Department of the Sport Physiotherapy Centre at the Pan Am Clinic. After that, Tara worked as an Athletic Therapist, treating long-term disability and return-to-work patients at Lifemark Therapy Centre. She is excited to now balance her time between teaching at the University of Manitoba and working as an Athletic Therapist at Bridgwater Physio.

Working in a multidisciplinary environment for the majority of her career has allowed Tara the ability to work in conjunction with a variety of practitioners of different disciplines.

Tara holds a variety of certificates and training including; strength and conditioning, functional movement screens and therapeutic exercise, soft tissue release, functional capacity evaluations and occupational rehabilitation. Tara is continually looking to further her continuing education opportunities and grow as a practitioner.

Tara has always focused her treatments on safe and effective return-to-work and to-play with a goal of getting patients back better than what they were pre-injury. Her patient care focuses on giving individuals with musculoskeletal injuries hands-on care, education and exercise instruction. Giving each patient the tools they need to lead a healthy active lifestyle is also a very important part of her treatment plans.

When Tara is not working, she spends most of her free time cheering on her 4 daughters at multiple sporting events. She enjoys walking, spending time outdoors and hanging out with her family and friends.

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