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At our Physiotherapy clinic, our Physiotherapist, Megan Pascua is both trained & certified to conduct acupuncture treatment. Megan practices Anatomical Acupuncture, which is a Western adaptation of the traditional acupuncture method. This approach is particularly effective in treating musculoskeletal conditions, with acupuncture points selected to target specific muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, or blood vessels. Acupuncture treatment in Winnipeg can also be used to address lack of sleep, stress, headaches, TMJ concerns, and much more. Our Physiotherapist frequently employ acupuncture as an integral treatment to your overall physiotherapy regimen to help you heal from your injuries.

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Acupuncture Treatment Clinic In Winnipeg - Relaxing Experience with an Acupuncture Session
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Enjoy a Relaxing Experience with an Acupuncture Session

Acupuncture is a way to help with long-lasting pain, like chronic headaches, migraines, lower back pain, and fibromyalgia. It’s also been shown to make the symptoms of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression better or go away. This is why our physiotherapists provide you with top-notch acupuncture treatments in Winnipeg. 

Our professionals begin with a meeting to see if acupuncture is right for you and determine what we’ll be treating. After your acupuncture session, our therapist will discuss caring for yourself. We can suggest drinking lots of water and getting some rest. Your therapist might also give you special instructions based on what you need. Our acupuncture services can make you feel better both mentally and physically.


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Most Popular Questions

People always ask us many questions about Acupuncture Treatment in Winnipeg. Some of those queries are shared here. 

No, our acupuncture clinic in Winnipeg does not mandate a doctor’s prescription for acupuncture treatments. However, it is important to note that some insurance policies might require a prescription for acupuncture coverage. We recommend contacting your insurance provider directly to determine if your insurance plan has such a requirement. Additionally, our staff is available to help you ascertain this information.

The acupuncture experience can differ from person to person and also depends on the treatment area. Generally, patients report little to no discomfort during the insertion of acupuncture needles. Some may not feel any pain at all.

After the needles are in place, you may experience a mild aching sensation or not feel the needles much at all. Thanks to their slender size and flexibility, acupuncture needles are designed to minimize discomfort. Our therapist can adjust or remove any needle if you feel pain during your session.

Our Physiotherapist will ask about your health history during your first visit and perform a physical examination. You'll then receive a customized treatment plan. Our Physiotherapist will insert needles at specific points and may adjust them or apply heat or mild electrical pulses. Trust us as we provide the best acupuncture in Winnipeg and offer personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique health requirements. 

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and ensure you have eaten a light meal before your session to avoid dizziness. It's best to avoid caffeine or alcohol before the treatment.

Yes, acupuncture can be a complementary treatment alongside conventional medical treatments. To ensure coordinated and safe care, you must inform all your healthcare providers about any complementary practices you use, including acupuncture. So, if you need acupuncture treatment near Winnipeg, contact us as soon as you can.